Customer testimonials

Le testimonianze dei clienti Petra 2011 che hanno deciso di spiegare perché scegliere Petra 2011 e la loro esperienza vissuta prima e dopo i lavori.

Angelo – Grottaferrata

Angelo and Angela in their beautiful villa have enhanced their exterior with a splendid porphyry slab.

Giovanni – Villa Pamphili

Giovanni wanted to completely renovate its exterior with irregular porphyry slabs and garden design.

Giorgio – Nepi

In his exterior Giorgio chose the Luserna stone and the garden design with flowerbeds and hedges.

Rita – Roma

We renovated Rita’s exterior, with porphyry slabs and garden design.

Paolo – Boccea

Paolo wanted to cover its exterior with a Trani stone cladding, laid with an uncertain work.

Marco – Marina di Ardea

Marco chose a porphyry cube flooring and a Trani stone cladding.

Sig. Mauro – Vicovaro

For its exterior Mauro chose the porphyry slab, and the artistic design of a compass rose.

Alessandro – Grottaferrata

Alessandro in his home opted for the tireless porphyry cube, placed in a contrasting arch.

Alessio – Ciampino

Alessio of the Casa del Dolce in Ciampino has renovated its exterior with stone paving and waterproofing.

Martina – Ciampino

Martina and her parents decided to pave their exterior with porphyry slabs with retractable manhole covers.

Roberto – Grottaferrata

Roberto made his dream of an exterior with attention to every detail with porphyry come true with us.

Edmondo – Rocca Priora

Edmondo restored its exterior with porphyry slabs and a splendid artistic design, impressed by the talent of the installers.

Miriam – Rocca Priora

Miriam tells us in English about her experience with Petra 2011 in renovating her exterior with porphyry flooring for her and her 10 four-legged friends.

Sara – Marino

For her exterior, Sara opted for porphyry flooring and Luserna stone cladding.

Antonio – Zagarolo

In his home, Antonio decided to lay a porphyry flooring and an artistic design in Luserna and Carrara marble.

Vincenzo – Grottaferrata

Vincenzo decided to create his exterior with porphyry cubes and garden design.

Alessandro – Torrino

Alessandro wanted to transform his exterior with porphyry to be able to use it in every season.

Valerio – Castelverde

In his new house under construction, Valerio has chosen to lay a floor in porphyry cubes with a beautiful artistic design.

Gabriele – Marino

Gabriele has restored with Petra 2011 a poorly executed workmanship, with porphyry cubes and artistic design.

Flaviano – Morena

Flaviano wanted to create his exterior with the splendid Luserna stone slabs.

Federico – Zagarolo

Federico opted for a flooring and cladding in Luserna stone in his exterior.

Roberto – Eur

To renovate his exterior, Roberto opted for a porphyry slab flooring.

Antonello – Grottaferrata

Antonello wanted to redesign his exterior with a ready lawn and two porphyry formats: slab and cube.

Patrik – Monte Compatri – After

Patrik was extremely satisfied with how his exterior in betonella turned out, and Luserna.

Fabio – Rocca Priora

Fabio decided to create a splendid flooring in Porphyry slabs outside.

Daniela e Alessandro

Daniela and Alessandro created their exterior in Luserna stone and lawn with us.

Simone – Rocca Priora

Simone was amazed at how his porphyry slab exterior with artistic designs turned out.

Paolo – Grottaferrata

Paolo created a porphyry exterior in cube and irregular slab formats with Petra 2011.

Riccardo – Boccea

Riccardo chose Petra 2011, to redesign his garden with garden design and porphyry slabs.

Diego – Frascati

Diego decided to lay gray bush-hammered concrete for his exterior.

Patrik – Monte Compatri – Before

Diego decided to lay gray bush-hammered concrete for his exterior.

Daniele – Tor Vergata

Daniele wanted to lay an anthracite-coloured concrete flooring in his new home.

Armando – Torrino

Armando carried out a total external renovation of his home with Petra 2011

Sandro – Frascati

Sandro chose porphyry slab flooring for the exterior of his villa.

Stefano – Frascati

Stefano wanted to install porphyry slab flooring in his home.

Massimo – Ciampino

Massimo wanted to install a porphyry flooring and an artistic design in his outdoor environment.

Olga – Cefalù

Olga ha scelto Petra 2011 per ristrutturare il suo intero villaggio turistico in Sicilia con il porfido.

Roberto – Grottaferrata

Roberto, after having built several other homes with us, chose the contrasting arched cube for his villa.

Condominium – EUR

Petra 2011 renovated the exterior of this condominium with concrete, turfgrass, porphyry slabs and asphalt.

Sig. Albanese – Roma

For its exterior, Mr. Albanese chose the porphyry cube, laid in a contrasting arch.

Marco – Marina di Ardea

Marco chose a porphyry cube flooring and a Trani stone cladding.

Testimonials from our customers

What better advice than a customer testimonial? Here are some of the works carried out at some homes, explained by their owners. For everyone the key words are the same: transparency, professionalism and quality of raw materials. In fact, Petra 2011 focuses precisely on these pivots for its corporate philosophy. We want to offer our customers the best stones from selected quarries, laid by installers with decades of experience, with complete and continuous support and assistance.

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